IDEAS for Us Event

IDEAS Event.jpgBrad Beemer and Kylan McNemar attended the IDEAS for US event - From Chris Castro - I’m still reflecting on the “Building A Sustainable Orlando” event hosted by IDEAS For Us yesterday for #GivingTuesday...250+ community leaders, supporters, and partners came together to celebrate the work and collective impact that IDEAS for Us has led in #Orlando and around the World for nearly a decade.

From The Hive to Fleet Farming, establishing chapters at UCF, Rollins, Valencia, Seminole State, OCPS schools to engage youth leaders, and countless action projects that have advanced the City of Orlando - Government #GreenWorksOrlando initiative. This was just scratching the surface on what we’ve accomplished together...

#ideasforus #solutionsforall

Props for the 📷 from Christopher Stampar! @ Orlando, Florida

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