Peer Review Services

Nancy S. DiSalvo currently leads BKHM’s peer review practice.  Participation in the AICPA Peer Review Program enables a firm to enhance its quality control policies and procedures, see how it measures up to other firms and learn from other firms’ best practices.  The selection of a peer reviewer is critical to receiving the full benefit of a peer review.  Ideally, a firm wants to match its peer reviewer’s experience to their own firm’s experience for maximum efficiency and insight.

At BKHM, we specialize in audits of governmental and nonprofit organizations, including charter schools and those entities subject to Government Auditing Standards (the “Yellow Book”) and the Uniform Guidance, and employee benefit plans, which are areas of higher risk in a peer review.  Our firm also has experience in a variety of other commercial industries.

Our goal is to provide our peer review clients with an efficient and cost-effective peer review that enhances a firm's quality control and overall audit practice success.  To learn more about BKHM’s peer review services, please email