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thank-youbg.jpgAccording to Lisa Quast, “Developing a personal brand is similar to product branding. The overall goal with branding is to differentiate yourself (the product) in the market so you can attain your objectives, be those landing your dream job or becoming a famous singer. The process includes defining your brand and brand attributes, positioning your brand in a different way than your competitors and then managing all aspects of your personal brand.” Building your personal brand is the packaging of your values, goals and experiences.  

As a business professional, your personal brand can be one of the most important things that aids in your accomplishments.  Your personal brand is one of the best ways to be proactive in directing you career path. In “Five Tips to Branding Yourself,” the AICPA helps you develop your personal brand by following these 5 courses of action.

  • Define your brand and become an expert.
  • Establish a presence.
  • Generate brand awareness through networking.
  • Remember the 3 C’s of branding - Clarity, consistency, constancy.
  • Get feedback from those who know you best – at work, at home, anywhere.

Building your personal brand is a necessary investment. It not only indicates the best that you have to offer but it also helps employers estimate your value and what they can expect from you.


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