BKHM Volunteer Day - Giving Back to our Community

 BKHM is participating in a United Way Volunteer Day at The Salvation Army - Orlando location.  Heart of Florida United Way has been helping millions of Central Floridians for 70 years addressing the root causes of problems that affect people's lives and our community. Our work at Salvation Army will be helping United Way achieve their Invest in Results goal to alleviate hunger and homelessness in Central Florida.

Salvation Army accomplishes this everyday by providing food, shelter, and access to resources for men, women and children in Central Florida who need a hand up to get back on their feet. 

Did you know…

Families with children comprise the fastest growing segment of Central Florida’s homeless population – with children representing 24% of the group.

  • Low wages and lack of affordable housing are the primary reasons for homelessness.
  • Although 45% of local homeless people are employed every day, they are not able to earn enough to maintain self-sufficiency.
  • In Central Florida, demand for food pantry assistance rose 200 to 300 percent in 2008, with single-parent households, usually led by women, representing the largest number of people served.

Please visit the United Way and the Salvation Army to see how you can help!

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