New Lawyer Training - Orange County Bar Association - BKHM CPAs

OCBABKHM participated in the 2nd Annual New Lawyer Training Program held by the Orange County Bar Association on August 1 and 2, 2014.  This program is a dynamic, intensive two-day training program designed for young lawyers who will learn from experts on how to navigate the court system, present and practice with professionalism and learn some of the nuances of starting your own practice.  BKHM was one of the original sponsors at the first training program last year and was asked to come back and become a speaker to discuss the importance of tax planning and selecting the right entity structure to fit their current and future plans.  Neal Renuart was the presenter and he discussed some of the pros and cons of different tax related business decisions as well as answering questions from the participates. “It was a great event over the two days and I was able to meet a lot of great new lawyers looking to start their own practice or recently started their own practice,” Renuart said.  “I was able to provide some of them with specific answers to their questions as well as provide them with some general tax and bookkeeping information.”

The Orange County Bar Association’s New Lawyer Training Program is the only known program of its kind throughout the United States of America.  The participants are also teamed up with mentors and provided with networking opportunities during the two day event.

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