describe the imageFlorida Charter Schools Required to Have Public Website with Certain Information

The Florida charter school law, HB 7009, includes a requirement that all Florida charter schools maintain public websites with certain information about their schools. The law went into effect on July 1, 2013, meaning that all schools need to be in compliance with these requirements at this time. Want to insure that you are in compliance? FCPCS has partnered with a group who can help you with a website that is affordable, easily implemented and best of all, compliant. Be on the lookout next week for information about Charter School Website Packages.

The law requires that charter schools maintain a website that enables the public to obtain information regarding the school. This information must include the following:

· School’s academic performance (there is no specific description of what information is required)

· Names of the school’s governing board members

· Programs at school

· The name of any management companies, service providers or education management corporations associated with the school

· The school’s annual budget

· The school’s annual independent fiscal audit

· The school’s most recent grade

· Minutes of governing board meetings, posted quarterly

· The meeting schedule of the school’s Governing Board

· Parent liaison contact information (this was required previously)

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